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LanguagesA bingo game in an online casino is harder to find that you think. This popular household game is not everywhere as you might have imagined it to be. But you’re in luck! You are able to find the game here at BitStarz! They have one available game title which is called “Bingo Billions” which you are able to locate through their search bar.
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LanguagesHere at Pinnacle, you are able to play Bingo through their Bingo & Keno games tab. Though they only have one “Bingo” game to play, it is still refreshing to see a title alive in this online casino website.
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LanguagesIt is quite amazing to know that 5Dimes offer Bingo games. Here are the game titles available to play with under Bingo: Bonus Bingo and Roaring Twenties Bingo.
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Online Bingo - Rules and Best Online Bingo Casinos

Hardly any other game of chance in the world has such a deadlocked reputation as bingo. Online Bingo still buzzes and is played by millions of players all over the world. What is so special about bingo? What makes the game so special and which variations are there? We have the best online bingo casinos for you, as well as all the important bingo rules.

Bingo Rules: It's as simple as that

Bingo rules are very easy to understand. At the beginning of the game you buy one or more bingo cards. Bingos are drawn one after the other per round. The first person to fill out his grid calls "Bingo".

The whole bingo game is simple. In addition, almost all components of the game are self-explanatory. It does not have to be that always only after the principle of the complete lines one plays. Some game variants, for example, aim at ticking off different figures that are formed with the numbers on the cards. At the same time there is the variant that all four corners and the middle of the playing card must be ticked off. Also relatively new is the "blackout variant". In this case, the player only wins when all the numbers on his card have been ticked off.

Online Bingo Rules: More game types, more possibilities

If you play bingo online, you have to consider slightly different game procedures. Of course you can't draw your own cards. Instead, the player clicks on different numbers before each round, which are then used as separate numbers for the draw.

Practical: Some online providers provide a so-called autofill function, with which the required number of numbers is simply ticked automatically. Players can also decide whether they want to play another round with their numbers ticked or whether they prefer to redefine them.

Basically it can be said that the online game rounds are played much faster with bingo. So if you want to play a lot of games in a very short time, online bingo is exactly the right thing for you.

Playing Online Bingo - Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to play online bingo, you can start right away. You only have to decide if you want to play an online bingo real money game or just a demo version. In the demo version you get play money, in the online bingo real money game are real profits in prospect. How to play online bingo basically shows the following simple guide:

  • Open a customer account: Open a customer account at an online casino. We recommend the Unibet Casino!
  • Activate welcome bonus: With the first deposit you get the new customer bonus and start with more budget into the online gambling world.
  • Select Bingo game: Select the appropriate bingo game via the search filter.
  • Bet & win: Now all you have to do is make your bet, buy the appropriate bingo cards and you're ready to go!

The search for really convincing casino providers is not very easy, especially for bingo. That's why the table above really shows the best casinos for online bingo. They convince by license, game selection and Co.

Bingo Variants - The Different Bingo Styles

As already mentioned, there are different Bingo variants. In the Blackout variant, the entire number card must be unchecked before a win can be made. At the same time, a variant is also conceivable in which only the corners and the number in the middle have to be hit.

Thanks to this appealing variety, bingo is still fun even after many years and convinces with new game possibilities. Who shoots himself on the on-line offers, can take usually a still larger selection up. Online, for example, numbers are not always necessarily evaluated as a basis. Certain graphics, symbols or other signs can also be responsible for the possible win of a player.

Which Bingo variants are there?

There are many Bingo variants. These differ primarily in the structure of the number card, but can also show some differences in terms of the required crosses. In order that the newcomers to the game can be prepared for the start in this respect, we have presented the different variants in more detail in the following.

There are the following Bingo variants:

  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • 30 Ball Bingo

How the Bingo variants are played in each case, we explain in detail below.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is played with a card consisting of three times nine numbers in a horizontal row. This "9×3 card" offers five squares in each row that have already been marked with a number. The remaining four squares of the rows remain empty.

A player wins 90 ball bingo when all three rows on his playing card have been completed. This image is then referred to as a "Full House" and brings an instant win. It should be noted, however, that such rounds of play have a longer duration - after all, a total of 27 numbers must be ticked off for a "full house".

80 Ball Bingo

The playing card at 80 ball bingo with four times four fields slightly smaller than at 90 ball bingo. In addition, all fields on these playing cards are already filled with a number. Even more interesting for most players, however, is that here different ways can lead to victory.

Which is valid for the respective game variant in detail, is to be taken naturally always from the offerer. However, it is conceivable, for example, that a win can be booked by a single complete series. In addition, winnings through corners, diagonal rows or several rows are also conceivable.

By the way: Some casino providers allow their players to withhold a win. Once a line has been filled in 80 ball bingo, players can wait for another line to be added. Which of course would increase the winnings.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the most popular game variation of the game. Especially beginners appreciate this system, because only a few rules have to be observed. Five fields are played on one card five times. 24 of these altogether 25 fields are already described with a number, which serves a free field in the center as Joker.

A player wins in 75 ball bingo if a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row can be ticked off. At the same time, it is common that filling the corners is enough to win the round.

30 Ball Bingo

It can already be guessed: The 30 ball bingo is the fastest game variant, which is therefore fittingly often called Speed Bingo. The game is played on a quite small number field, which consists of three times three numbers.

The players have won when a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row has been completely filled. At the same time there are also some game variations, where a completely filled out number card helps to win.

Bingo Tips: Playing Bingo Successfully

Bingo, like lotteries, is a game of chance. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of success if you play wisely and deliberately. It is important to keep a cool head and not to let setbacks get you down. We will tell you which tips you can use to increase your chances of winning in bingo.

4 successful Bingo tips

  • Select the appropriate stake for the overall budget
  • Test & get to know game variants
  • Use welcome bonus
  • Play Jackpot Bingo

Each player should always choose a bet that matches a total account balance. Only a small part should be risked, so that even in the event of a loss, sufficient capital can still be used. The inexperienced players in particular are quickly convinced by the high-priced, but often more expensive games. Who risks too much too fast, maneuvers itself however not rarely into a clear loss.

It is also recommendable to take a close look at the different game variants at one provider. For example, special features can also be discovered with which a jackpot or similar can possibly be won.

Finally, we can also give you the tip to take advantage of the bonus offers of the casino providers as far as possible. Especially for the new players there are versatile bonuses waiting, which are often transferred to the account in the course of the first deposit. This additional credit can be used to take a closer look at the various games.

What do I need to keep in mind when playing online bingo?

Online Bingo providers offer their players different ways to win. These usually depend on the stake of the players and can therefore also be controlled a little bit themselves. Who acts with particularly high stakes, may be pleased in the normal case also about the largest possible profits.

Sometimes, for example, special draws are offered in which large winnings can be collected with smaller stakes. It is therefore worthwhile to take a close look at the different game variations before starting.

If you want to play online bingo, you should also make sure that the games are available in different versions. This means in detail that it is not always possible to play directly in the browser. Some providers offer such instant game variants to their players, but other providers may require a download to access the game.

Bingo history: Spanish or US origin?

The history of the game Bingo is beautiful and interesting at the same time. It is said that in 1929 a certain American named Edwin Lowe watched Spaniards cover drawn numbers with dried leaves at a fair in Georgia. If a player had won, he shouted "Beano" loudly. The clever businessman Lowe was immediately taken with the game and organized the first rounds of his own game when he returned home to New York.

Some players, however, did not shout "Beano" in case of success, but "Bingo" instead. Lowe was thrilled and knew immediately: This will be the name of the game. The cleverness of the resourceful New Yorker goes even further: after the game was named, Lowe allowed other people to use the game - for one US dollar a year. The businessman also demanded that the name Bingo be retained.

So it is not entirely clear whether the origin of the game was influenced by Spanish or US influences. Fact is: First it was probably played by the Spaniards, but really distributed and spread it the Americans in person of Edwin Lowe. Until the game reached its present popularity in Germany, it was still a long way to go.

Over the years the game has changed in many ways, offers more possibilities and brings the players a maximum of excitement and thrill. Bingo has also always offered a sense of community. In Germany Bingo is also known as the environmental lottery, at the same time the game is offered for example by church communities, in order to be able to finance charitable projects with the proceeds.

Bingo in Germany: A fixed part of society for years now

In Germany bingo has been an integral part of society for many years. The game was first made available to the general public by the television station Sat1. In the show "Bingo" viewers and candidates tried their luck in a total of 525 shows from 1991 to 1992. However, most people in Germany today connect Bingo mainly the NDR.

The reason: Since 1997 "Bingo! Die Umweltlotterie" is offered here. Every Sunday, the game show is broadcast, which has been on the screens of viewers for 20 years now. The show has been moderated since the first show by Michael Thürnau, who has meanwhile become something like the "Face of Bingo" in Germany.

Although the basic idea of the game has always been the same, the concept of the show has changed over the years. In May 2014 new game rounds were introduced, so that now altogether three game rounds are played. Viewers can win prizes or trips by phone from home, with only the first round being paid out directly. In round two, a player has to answer a question on the phone, in round three the caller enters a duel.

The broadcast on NDR is supplemented by the fact that various contributions are recorded that fit the theme of the environment. Different animals are introduced, particularly interesting spots of nature are visited or the sustainability in Germany is taken under the magnifying glass. In the past, more than 6,000 projects to improve the environment were financed by the proceeds from the environmental lottery. With a permanent audience of between 600,000 and one million viewers, the programme is one of the most frequently watched programmes on the channel - and throughout northern Germany.