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LanguagesAlways a priority when looking for a good casino website is to look for their jackpot slots, why? Well because they give outrageous amounts of money! Here are some of the titles that you are able to play with Absolute Super Reels, Treasure Room, Mr.Vegas, Jackpot Jamba, Mega Gems, Mega Glam Life JP, It Came From Venus JP Plus, Lucky Leprechaun, and Lucky Clover. You are able to access these games through the “Jackpot” tab.
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LanguagesThere are a lot of jackpot games available to play at here in! With prizes reaching 2 Million mBTS, this list is something that you need to write down. Here are a few titles: Greedy Goblins, Mega Glam Life, Bell of Fortune, Fruit Bonanza, Treasure Room, Mr. Vegas, Enchanted, Speed Cash, and At the Copa.
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LanguagesHere at they have 16 jackpot slots to choose from aside from the huge selection of regular and video slot games. Here are some of the jackpot slot titles: Apollo God of the Sun, Divine Fortune, Mr. Vegas, Mega Moolah, Mega Glam Life, Cosmic Fortune, Super Lucky Frog, ISIS, and A Night in Paris to name a few.
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Jackpot Slots

Playing slot machines and slots online, rules, history

With the so-called one-armed bandit at the end of the 19th century began everything that is available today in many online casinos as online slot machines (also called online slots) in various designs.

There are no limits to the variety of topics, and even the winning amounts in progressive jackpots apparently know no limit. Slot machines are very popular all over the world, whether in arcades, casinos or on the Internet, where millions of reels are spun every day. And again and again there are stories about people who have become millionaires from one second to the next.

One reason for the popularity of online slots are the simple rules (even simpler than dice, craps). Besides online blackjack and online roulette, slot machines are by far the most popular games in casinos. Normally, slot machines have three to five mechanical reels on which a match of symbols must be achieved.

Important points about the game:

  • Online slots are fun, entertaining and promise great jackpots!
  • However, online slot machines have a very high house advantage, so you should always keep an eye on your budget and not be tempted by the attractive winnings too long.
  • Online slots are especially lucrative if they are linked to a progressive jackpot. This can shoot to incredible heights, but is very, very hard to crack!

Online Slot Rules

Before the start of the game, the player throws money into the machines or has the amount deducted from a cash card, determines the amount of his bet and lets the reels rotate at the push of a button or on the Internet by mouse click.

The payout of each winning combination is indicated on the device and varies from symbol to symbol and from machine to machine.

  • A slot with three reels must therefore have three identical symbols for the player to win.
  • Exceptions to this are special symbols, which will pay if they appear only once.
  • Since all slots are controlled by a random number generator, the player cannot influence the outcome.
  • As mentioned above, the player only has an influence on the amount of the bet, which sometimes starts at one cent.

Settings in the game

In addition to the infinite variety of themes and symbols, there are also a number of variants about which one should be aware. Here is an overview:

A. Jackpots

Many slots offer the player a special incentive in the form of a progressive jackpot. Since this form is so popular, we will go into it in detail (see below). First of all, slots with a progressive jackpot collect some of the stakes in a separate account that can be triggered by a particularly unlikely combination. This progressive jackpot can sometimes run into the millions at stationary and online casinos and is accordingly attractive. In order for the player to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, he must play with maximum stakes.

B. Multi Lines

On a normal slot machine, you will be paid if the three symbols on the middle line match. Mostly you can see the two lines above and below, but they don't count. In a multi-line slot, you can activate these two lines by betting extra money. If not only horizontal but also oblique lines count, bets of nine coins or more are possible.

C. Multiplier (Coins)

By inserting several coins before a slot game, you can multiply the potential winnings. Usually the number of coins (and thus the multiplier) is limited. A simple example: You insert three coins and get three matching symbols worth ten times the bet. The payout is thirty times the bet (3 x 10).

Slots Probability

Since the player has no direct influence on winning or losing slots, there is no optimal strategy. However, since the programmed percentage of payouts varies from device to device or country to country, the player can influence his chances of winning at least in the choice of casino (land-based or online).

In general, slot payouts in the USA vary between 82 and 98 percent depending on the state. In Germany, the law stipulates that 60 percent of the stakes must be paid out.

The bottom line is that a single player can win in the short term, but mathematically speaking the casinos are always the winners in the end. For example, if a machine pays out 95 percent of all bets, the operator of the machine wins 50,000 euros if players have invested one million euros.

The payout ratio of a slot machine is therefore determined during production during programming and can only be changed after the machine has been set up if the software is replaced. Since this is very time-consuming, it is very rarely done.

Slots are particularly interesting for players because large progressive jackpots are always on the horizon. The payouts for certain combinations of hits are only a drop in the ocean, while the win of 1 million euros, for example, can change a life with just one lucky hit.

Here is the probability of hitting a certain combination in a 3 or 5 reel slot:

The game with the reels is fun and a nice pastime, but should be done in moderation, after all, experts attest the slots a particularly high risk of addiction. With our free slot machines, you can try out whether you want to hunt for the same symbols without any financial risk.

But don't take the whole thing too seriously:

As a player you have no influence on what happens and in the end the bank always wins. A little fun in between can be priceless.

Progressive Jackpots

As mentioned, the mathematical goal of slots can only be to hit a progressive jackpot. Whether in land based casinos or on the Internet - it is teeming with progressive jackpots and their winners.

Every operator advertises their progressive jackpots, and the higher they are, the more appealing it is to crack them. In this way, progressive jackpots increase faster the higher they already are.

The reason is simple: due to the higher incentive, more and more players participate in the hunt for the big money and make sure that it increases even faster.

The biggest progressive jackpots on the Internet have reached millions of dollars and it is difficult for observers to keep track. The biggest jackpot to date was played out via Microgaming's casino software - an amount equivalent to almost 18 million euros went to the British Jon Heywood. He won the record jackpot at the online slot Mega Moolah.

How the slot machines work

But then it's not that simple. What you see on a slot machine is not what really happens. The reels and buttons are just actors in a sophisticated show that tries to recreate a classic slot machine. You don't have to be disappointed, because modern slots - especially online slots - are often much more generous than their mechanical relatives. Or when did you last hear about a mega jackpot win of several million euros on a "one-armed bandit"?

The classic slot machines

Slot Liberty Bell

To understand slot machines, you also have to look at their history. The first slot machines were developed in America in the 1880s and were widespread and popular until the turn of the century. They were already available in various designs. The most famous machine was the "Liberty Bell" with three reels developed by Charles August Fey in San Francisco. Each roller had ten elements with different symbols.

On the symbols were horses, cards and bells. The player tossed a coin into a slot, pulled the lever and the reels began to move. If, after the reels had stopped, three identical symbols were visible in a line, the player had won. The whole thing was purely mechanical and the probability of winning was 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 - or 1 in 1000. Not so bad.

But the win was rather poor: 22 coins were spit out by the "Liberty Bell".

Many players didn't understand anything about probabilities and were surprised when they lost money. That's why these slots quickly got the name "one-armed bandits" because they stole the money from the players - with only one arm, the lever, which set the reels in motion.

A simple slot machine

So there wasn't really much to understand about these early slot machines, because everything works exactly as it seems: The lever is directly connected to the mechanism that sets the reels in motion. Moving the lever in different ways directly affects the rotation of the reels.

In the 1960s, however, the direct contact between the lever and the rotating mechanism was eliminated and the average number of rollers was increased to 20 or more symbols. But the mechanism remained basically the same. The rollers rotated and stopped at some point. The probability of winning was easy to calculate if you knew how many symbols there were on each reel.

Now you can confidently forget this knowledge, because none of it can be applied to modern slot machines and online slots.

How slots work

The core of every modern slot machine is a computer, the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a random number generator that selects numbers from a specific number space, usually between 0 and a few billion. Each number in this number space belongs to a unique combination of symbols on the reels of the slot machine. The RNG never stops working. In every millisecond, one number is selected, one after the other, and the RNG does that as long as it is powered.

If a coin is inserted into the slot machine and the button pressed or the lever pulled (even today slot machines are constructed with levers to make the experience as close as possible to the classic "one-armed bandit"), the exact number the RNG drew at that moment is transmitted to the mechanism that controls the reels. They rotate and thus give the impression that the decision on the combination was made in the first place, but in reality it has long since taken place. The symbols that appear on the screen after the reels have stopped reflect only the number drawn by the RNG in advance.

The handle or button, the reels - it's all just a show. Not exactly a romantic idea, is it? But the good news is that this type of construction makes it possible to have identical machines with different payout rates. There are so-called "loose" and "tighte" slot machines and as a player you can choose freely and adapt your playing style to the slot machines.


The first precursors of today's slots were the so-called one-armed bandits, which have their name from the lever on the side with which they are operated. The first device, which was installed in 1889 in the USA, carried the pretty name Black Cat.

Two years later, a poker machine was launched by two New York entrepreneurs, Sittman and Pitt. Bar visitors could use it to play five card draw and compete against the prehistoric machine. If the player won, he had to pick up the amount due from the barman, because the machine was not able to pay out.

But Sittman and Pitt's slot machine did not really succeed because of the complicated payout modalities, and as early as 1895 the car mechanic Charles Fey brought out a slot machine called Liberty Bell, which in principle was nothing more than today's slots. On three reels he attached five symbols, which had to be combined with each other. The winnings were determined by the number of hits and since there were not many possibilities, the machine was also able to pay out the winnings.

For a long time the mechanical one-armed bandits dominated the action, before in 1963 the company Bally developed the first fully automatic slot machine called Money Honey. For the first time, it was able to pay out profits of up to 500 coins without a human assistant. The popularity of this device marks the beginning of the steep career of electronic gaming machines, where the typical side arm became more and more a rudimentary decoration.

Nowadays there are slots for all imaginable topics in the form of complicated electrical devices or as computer programs on the Internet. The question of how the money won reaches the player is no longer an issue.

Winners and scammers

When it comes to money, there are always people who fraudulently seek their advantage. Mechanical slots in particular were susceptible to fraud, and this was exploited, for example, with this simple trick:

The scammers wrapped a short plastic wire around the coin they threw into the device. The device accepted the coin due to its weight and size and booked the corresponding credit, but then ejected the coin through the return slot.

In this way the fraudsters could hunt for profits free of charge. Nowadays this method is obsolete because most devices are monitored by software and paid for with bills.

Ronald Dale Harris

  • But Ronald Dale Harris has gone down in history as the biggest slots scam artist.
  • Harris worked as a programmer for the Nevada Gaming Control Board in the 90s and therefore had considerable insider knowledge.
  • Thanks to his access to the source code of the devices, he was able to manipulate these slot machines so that when they inserted a certain number of coins in a certain order, they ejected large sums of money.
  • Together with an accomplice, Harris captured such large amounts in Las Vegas casinos before his comrade-in-arms aroused suspicion and led the trail to Harris. Harris was charged and finally sentenced to seven years imprisonment.
  • The history of slots is not only rich in scammers, but also in winners. Whether on the Internet or in the casino - time and again a player succeeds in making the big throw.
  • These devices are hard to outsmart, but in the early days of computer-controlled slots, a man named Tommy Glenn Carmichael excelled in fantasy cheating.
  • He developed several devices to manipulate the payout button, such as the monkey's paw or a tongue-shaped device.
  • After running a mafia-like organization to cheat on slot machines, Carmichael was caught before finally switching sides.
  • After several prison sentences, he was hired as a software developer to protect slot machines, bringing his career to a bizarre end.

Online Slots

The online slot machines basically come in the same payout and probability variants as their counterparts in the real casinos. Multiliner and multiplier games can be found in casinos and online casinos, as can progressive jackpots.

Due to the advancing technology in recent years, almost all one-armed bandits and stationary slot machines could be converted to an electronic core, so that now nothing distinguishes between the two game variants. Whether you watch the "video game" in the casino or on your own PC is practically irrelevant. One of the first casinos with slot machines on the net was the Stargames Casino.

The basis of these video slots are always the Random Number Generators, which control the result on the screen after pressing a button. In modern slot machines, reels, spools and arms are only used for nostalgic entertainment. Online slots are available for virtually any platform, desktop, Android and of course there are iPhone casinos with slot machines.

Other people play Online Baccarat, Online Skat, Online Mau Mau, Online Doppelkopf, Online Bridge, Online 17 and 4 or Online Schafkopf - even the very remote card game Online Watten. All these games are available for free on the internet - and if you like slots, you'll find free offers!

Meanwhile, there are many providers who offer online slots of different types, colors, games and jackpots. The most popular online slot machines usually have a theme or trademark, a brand name. Especially popular are games like "Game of Thrones" or "South Park: Reel Chaos".