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LanguagesAll lottery games are broadcasted live. You are able to choose from 20 live action lottery games available in their website.
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The best provider

Lotto is and remains one of the most popular games of chance. While the state lottery game has hardly changed over the years, some new providers have started to implement lotto online. This gives players the opportunity to pursue their passion in a more comfortable and varied way.

Online lotto processes continue to be automated. Both prize notifications and bank transfers are handled electronically and therefore do not involve any effort. In the course of this page I describe how to play online lotto, show the best lotteries and what is important for the selection. I also give a short overview of the game variations for beginners.

Typical balls of a Lotto draw

  • The most important advantages of Online Lotto at a glance:
  • Huge selection of international jackpots - no restriction to the domestic market
  • No opening hours, relaxed participation in state-licensed lotteries from home
  • Tipping pools at the push of a button - low costs and better opportunities

The most important criterion for my selection is the licensing, because you can be sure that the provider is doing everything right. Large payments already made are a must for the recommendations, because there are black sheep among the lotteries here and there. Such have no chance with my online lotto comparison.

How to play Lotto online

First you choose the lottery provider of your choice and create an account there. With this account you now have the possibility to choose a lottery in which you want to participate. This can be for example 6aus49, Super6, Eurojackpot or another well-known German lottery. But you can also participate in international lotteries, as long as the lotto site of your choice offers them. Practically speaking, the most exciting jackpots are displayed, so that you are always informed where there is a lot of money to be won.

Now you can fill out your lottery tickets or buy shares in lottery syndicates. As soon as the payment has been processed, the draw is waited for. You will be automatically notified of any winnings and can transfer them or leave them in your account to continue playing. How the individual steps work exactly, I explain in the further process.

Choose lottery and jackpot

This is the real highlight of the online lottery: the selection of lotteries in which you can participate. Everybody knows the local providers from the Lotto and Toto Block. But there are other legendary lotteries, some of which I would like to introduce.

Spanish Lotería Nacional

Here the players hope for El Gordo, the fat one. Especially the Christmas lottery, sorteo de navidad, has the character of a folk festival. On average there are two tickets for every Spaniard and online players from all over the world can now participate. The amount paid out (depending on how many tickets are sold) is regularly over 2 billion, with the winnings distributed quite widely. This means that El Gordo can be paid out to over 100 players who all receive the full winning amount. Especially advantageous about this lottery is the high payout rate, which is about 70% of the stakes. In comparison, the German Lotto only pays back 50% to the players. Simply put, this means more frequent and higher winnings when participating in the Spanish Lotto.

The Italian SuperEnalotto is also very popular

Players from all over the world travel to Italy to win lottery tickets at particularly high jackpots. These costs can of course be saved by playing the lottery on the Internet. The chances are comparatively lower with this game, since you have to hit 6aus90 to win the main prize. This is also the reason why this jackpot often rises to undreamt-of heights, as it is rarely cracked accordingly.

Of course the US-American Powerball should not be missing, because the Americans have to fathom the extremes in gambling as well. The minimum jackpot is 40 million dollars, which is already higher than the record in the German lottery. The game is played according to the 5aus69 and 1aus26 system. Since the game is offered in most federal states, the jackpot grows fast and can reach incredible heights. The previous record is 1.5 billion dollars in January 2016.

Fill out your ticket online

Basically, you proceed exactly as you are used to from the normal lottery. Instead of ticking the numbers by hand, you use the mouse click here. However, there are some practical functions that make the systematic game easier. The players can save their favourite tickets as favourites and play again and again. Or they leave the choice of their numbers to chance and let the computer fill them in. Runtimes can also be selected in this way, you can let the ticket participate in several draws or even choose continuous play.

International games can also be quickly understood in this way, because the computer only allows valid tips and shows what the ticket costs with different options. So you always have the prices in view and can't make any mistakes.

Online Lotto App

Of course, the lottery providers also offer mobile apps. So you can not only keep an eye on the jackpots, but also give tips and make payments. As with casino apps, there are different technical approaches: Apps for downloading and installing, or web apps that are simply called up in the device's browser. The latter is particularly practical, because it doesn't matter which operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) your mobile device uses.

Betting communities - particularly profitable online

Usually each player buys his own ticket. However, the chances of a payout can of course be drastically increased if you team up with others to play as many notes as possible. The downside of this approach is that a main prize is split accordingly. It is therefore a matter of consideration whether one prefers good chances for rather average winnings or small chances for very high ones.

Joining a lotto pool online is much easier than usual. You can simply look around the provider's website and see the details: Which community has bought how many notes and what shares are still available? At the push of a button, you can buy as many shares as you want, and if you win, you won't have any trouble: The system automatically allocates the profits to the shareholders and pays out accordingly.

A further advantage of betting pools is cost control: for comparatively little money, you can participate in a large number of lottery tickets and make a payout.

Is Lotto on the Internet legal?

I recommend sites that have state licenses and are regulated accordingly. These prove their seriousness by payments made and official licenses. However, not all online lottery providers function according to the same principle. Here I would like to briefly describe a few possibilities for playing the lottery online:

The state lotteries of the federal states and their online presences such as Here you take part in the normal draw with your ticket and pay into the corresponding jackpot. These lotteries are licensed on the level of the federal states and summarized in the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB). If you win, you have a claim against these lotteries.

Private betting providers such as, for example, where bets are placed on the outcome of the state lottery. Even if the tickets are reproduced from the original, they do not participate in the official draw. This means that your own deposit is not included in the jackpot. These betting providers take out insurance policies which are used to make the payout in the event of a win. This means that in the event of a win, this provider is obliged to pay out. These operators are not licensed in Germany, but in other European countries. Due to EU freedom of competition, they are allowed to offer their services throughout Europe.

There are also private gaming brokers (e.g. who offer the products of the DLTB and are licensed accordingly in Germany. They forward the tips submitted by the players to the lottery companies, so that one takes part in the normal draw and in the event of a win is paid out directly by the state providers.

There are also international gaming brokers such as on the market. They accept the players' tips and deposits, purchase the ticket for the desired lottery on site and send a copy of the ticket to the customer via e-mail. You can also participate in the actual draw via such a page. The provider merely acts as a kind of courier who is commissioned to buy and fill out the ticket. If you win, you are entitled to a payout to the lottery in which you took part. They will also advise you on tax regulations and assist you in picking up your winnings in case you need to redeem your ticket in person.

However, it is always worth looking at the terms and conditions of the respective lotto site to find out in which category a provider falls and whether his business model corresponds to his own ideas. Finally, I would like to discuss some frequently played variants and how high the chances of winning are here. The classic of the German lotto game is the 6aus49. The players mark 6 numbers per betting field, the draw is made out of 49 numbers. In addition, a fixed super number is played, which is not freely selectable, but pre-printed on the ticket. The winner is from 2 correctly typed numbers and a matching super number. The chance for this hit is a calculated 1.13%. The jackpot is hit with 6 correct numbers plus super number, whereby the chance is about 1:139,000,000. The payout ratio for this form of lottery play is 50% of the stake.


This game of Chinese origin first became popular in North America, but today it is also one of the most played lotto variants in Germany. Here 20aus70 is played, whereby the players have the choice to mark between 2 to 10 numbers. Depending on how many numbers you tick, there is a specific game type (Keno type 1 - 10) with your own chances of winning. A bet of 1€ to 10€ can be placed independently of the Keno type. This determines the maximum winning amount. The highest possible win is 1 million € with 10 Euro bet on Keno type 10. In contrast to 6aus49, the chances of winning the jackpot are much better, at 1:2.1 million. More information about this interesting version can be found on the Keno page.