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LanguagesThis popular game has earned its ranks through online casino websites today. The simplicity of the game is what attracts people to play the game. Here you get one choice and it is titled “Minesweeper”.
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LanguagesThis awesome game was first released way back in 1989 wherein the objective of the game is to open up as many empty spaces as you can without hitting any mines. Today, minesweeper is a very popular game throughout the online casino world. Though I am not a fan of the minesweeper game, there are still a lot of people out there that bet their Bitcoin at it. Here at Satoshimines, you are able to play the minesweeper game for free or for real Bitcoins, which makes it easier for people to understand the game before placing wagers of their own money.
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Minesweeper in Online Casinos

It wasn't that long ago that the following scenario always took place: Internet was down - what is the best way to pass the time? Of course with Minesweeper! In the pre-installed Windows version one tried to click segments on a playing field by simple clicks. If you hit a face instead of a number, the game was over faster than you could say "Minesweeper".

The online version of Minesweeper, which is offered by various casinos, differs slightly from the well-known 2D version. Nevertheless, in the three-dimensional version, the game idea and the basic sequence of events remain roughly the same.

Minesweeper in 3D

Minesweeper in 3D looks different from the classic Minesweeper version in Windows times. The playful design of the three-dimensional version consists of a total of 6 fields.

The fields are represented graphically as grass segments. If you click on one of the fields, either a flag or a bomb appears.

The game is designed for 3 moves. With each turn, the player is faced with the decision to choose between two fields. Behind you hides a flag, which means that you can continue playing. Behind the other is a bomb, which means the abrupt end of the game. If you are three times right with the choice, you get the maximum win.

How the winnings are distributed at Minesweeper

If you succeed in finding the flag in the first two squares, you receive 1.96 times the stake you previously placed. After the win, you can decide to continue playing the game, or you can choose to have the winnings paid out.

If you decide to continue the game, you can collect 3.85 times the prize in the second round (i.e. in the next two fields) if you make the right choice.

If you are right and continue playing, you can win 7.55:1 in the last round if you make the right choice.

A look at the probabilities of Minesweeper

  • In the first round, the probability of winning is 50%. In the second round it is 25% and in the third and final round it is 12.5%.
  • The probability of defeat changes in the same proportion. If it is 50% in the first round, it is 75% in the second and 87.5% in the third.
  • In view of this congruent ratio (opposite equal distribution) of win and defeat, it makes sense to have the win paid out after the victory in the first round.

Tips for Minesweeper Beginners

The online casino version of course differs from the classic Minesweeper, which is still known from Windows times. The fact that you can only choose between two fields at a time tempts you to think after a defeat: "Oh, I would have only decided for the other field".

It is important to stay reasonable and always keep the probabilities in mind. As much as you want to make the biggest possible profit, the danger of loss increases from round 2 of 3.

Variants of Online Casino Minesweeper

Depending on the online casino, Minesweeper offers corresponding extensions. For example, there are playing fields that are much larger than just divided into 6 segments. If you click here on the empty areas, either a flag, a number or a bomb appears. The number indicates how many bombs are distributed on the field. This gives you the chance to drive a certain strategy as soon as you know the number of bombs.

The history of Minesweeper

The beginnings of Minesweeper as a Windows game go back a long way. In 1992 Minesweeper was first released as an application for Windows 3.1. Since then there are different adaptations for the respective Windows versions, which all orient themselves at the classical first brain game for Windows 3.1.

Even world championships take place - this is a good idea because Minesweeper has a stopwatch in its classic structure. This measures the time, how long it takes to finish the game successfully.

Minesweeper Tips and Tricks


Some can't get enough of it and are really addicted to the game. It's called Minesweeper and can be found since Windows 3.x on every operating system supplied by Bill Gates under START " Programs " Accessories " Games. In this tutorial you might find a few tricks to make your game more efficient and, above all, more successful at the professional level. For those who don't know what Minesweeper is, a short introduction: The game Minesweeper is about finding a variable number of mines on an arbitrarily adjustable large playing field, and completely uncovering the free fields all around. The techniques we would like to introduce to you require at least a basic knowledge of the Minesweeper game rules, which can also be found in the Windows Help.

Minesweeper Start

The minefields are marked with the right mouse button. Free fields can be uncovered with the left mouse button or the double-click technique (better!).

The double-click technique

The most effective and most important Minesweeper technique! Before I found this technique somewhere in the internet by pure chance, I always struggled with Minesweeper to click each free field individually. The method of single free clicking is very time-consuming and the danger to catch a minefield with a mouse slider is very big. If you use the double-click technique and have integrated it into your game, you will be able to improve your game times many times over. It works by clicking with the left and right mouse button simultaneously on a number field around which the suspected mines are already marked and which can therefore be completely uncovered all around:

Double click technique Minesweeper

This technique is so effective not least because a "click" on a mine-occupied field is virtually impossible (unless you have marked wrong, then the game is also over with the double-click technique). With this technique you can concentrate on marking the minefields and the rest of your game.

The One-Two Pattern

From my point of view it is the Minesweeper natural law par excellence! If there is a TWO within a straight line next to an ONE, then there is definitely a mine next to the TWO (seen from the ONE) that can be marked. This Minesweeper natural law is especially helpful when it seems that you can't go any further.

Minesweeper loosened profile level

The ONE-TWO pattern is always valid, regardless of whether the line on which the ONE-TWO pattern is located is aligned horizontally or vertically! With the ONE TWO pattern you can mark whole rows of mines in advance and make your game much more efficient. Another example of the ONE TWO pattern.

My recommendation to you: Always mark all mines that you can find in the ONE TWO pattern beforehand. Mark even if it has no meaning for the next uncovering. This will make you much more familiar with the ONE TWO Pattern and will clear the playing fields faster!

The extended one-two patterns

The ONE TWO pattern has another major advantage: it can be seamlessly applied to the TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE. It is simply a question of the right perspective. Each TWO automatically becomes ONE as soon as you have marked a safe minefield on a neighboring field on TWO (Of course only in thought, on the playing field the TWO remains as a value.

Extended ONE TWO pattern at MinesweeperThe same applies to the DREIER, VIERER and other numerical values. Once you have placed enough minefields by one value, you can apply the ONE-DOWN pattern. If you have mastered this way of playing and thinking and the double-click technique, you will be amazed how often the profile level can rise and at what speed it does so.

Of course these were not all tips but for the beginning and for a substantial improvement of the game speed and the resolution factor the techniques mentioned here should be sufficient. I wish everyone who is interested in Minesweeper and for whom there was something new a lot of fun improving the game and solving the professional level frequently and fast!