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LanguagesmBitCasino is not only known as an online casino, but they also have a reputation for being a decent Sportsbook website as well. Want to bet on the Floyd – Connor fight? This might be the website you want to bet at. Here are the available games you are able to bet here: Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Handball, MMA, and of course the ever growing eSports.
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LanguagesWhat’s great about is that it is not just an online casino website but it is a full-fledged Sports betting websites as well. You are able to bet on your favorite sports games and live games that are happening as well. Here are some of the sports that you are able to bet on: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, MMA, Rugby Union, Rugby League and eSports games such as Dota2 and CS:GO.
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LanguagesPinnacle is one of the Sportsbook websites out there today that offers a wide variety of sports to bet on. Since they are known for being a Sportsbook, they have virtually all the famous sports that people love to bet upon. Here are some of the Sports you can bet in Pinnacle: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, American Footbal, Ice Hockey, MMA, Golf, Volleyball, and they even have eSports betting for Counterstrike Global Offensive.
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US friendly?NO is known for being a good website that offers a lot of sports to place wagers at. Here you are able to bet on your favorite Basketball team, bet on your best Football team and a lot more! A true Sportsbook website should and always have a good number of sports to choose from. Here are some of the available sports: Soccer, Basketball, eSports (CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends, Starcraft2), Tennis, Baseball, Rugby League and Union, and Volleyball to name a few.
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Sports betting with Bitcoins, Altcoins and crypto currencies

After rapid price increases in recent months, other crypto currencies and Altcoins are increasingly found in media coverage in addition to the already familiar Bitcoin. The fact that the first bookmakers have been accepting bets in Bitcoins for quite some time proves that this is not a short-term fad. Reason enough for us to take a close look at the current situation and to inform you about everything worth knowing about Bitcoin betting providers and betting with crypto currencies.

What are Bitcoins and crypto currencies anyway?

Crypto currencies are pure online currencies and therefore differ in one important point from classical funds. They are not dependent on economic factors of a country and therefore absolutely inflation-proof. Political crises, such as those in Greece a few years ago, have no effect on online currencies and, on the contrary, they tend to lead to an increase in the exchange rate of independent crypto currencies. This does not mean, however, that crypto currencies are not subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The fluctuations of the rates can even vary strongly within hours.

Selection of popular crypto currencies

They can be sent online within seconds across continents without the need for banks or similar institutions to intervene. This not only saves time, but also transaction fees and makes transfers independent of exchange rates and exchange rate fluctuations. For example, if you send a Bitcoin to a friend in Rio de Janeiro now, they will receive your Bitcoin a few minutes later minus the minimum transaction fees of your Bitcoin wallet (the online account where you keep your Bitcoins). Using the classic bank transfer method, your transfer would take several days, cost significantly more and you would have to deal with the "Euro to Real" exchange rate.

Another advantage that makes Bitcoins and crypto currencies so popular is the anonymity they offer. You send and receive your coins via the address of your online wallet and no personal data is transmitted or visible. With your Bitcoin or crypto account you are completely anonymous and neither your bank nor your state nor anyone else knows about your payments.

The underlying technology of these currencies is called Blockchain. To explain this would go beyond the scope, but we don't want to deprive you of one important advantage of this technology: all relevant data is stored in the blockchain distributed all over the globe. If a hacker gains access to a part of the system, he can do whatever he wants - it will have no effect, since 99.9% of the system contradicts the hacker's manipulated data. Security is also a big advantage of the crypto currencies - as long as you of course protect the access data of your wallets properly.

What does the bookmaker gain if he accepts Bitcoins / crypto currencies?

Of course, no bookmaker would accept payments by crypto currency if he didn't also benefit from it. A bookmaker must assign up to 4% of fees to payment services or credit card companies per payment transaction. This makes a lot of difference for a large number of customers and the betting provider almost completely saves these costs with crypto payments. This makes Bitcoin sports betting very interesting for the bookmaker as well.

As if that weren't enough, the risk of fraud from remittances or charge backs (in the case of credit card payments) is also eliminated with the new forms of payment. Some bookmakers therefore already offer special extra bonuses if you are willing to deposit with Internet coins to push this payment method.

What are your big advantages when betting with Bitcoins?

Besides the already mentioned possibility of an extra deposit bonus, it is especially interesting to bet anonymously with Bitcoin. Bookies who accept crypto currencies for deposits often only require their customers to provide an email address. So you don't have to provide them with personal data or even proof of identification to confirm your account.

So on the one hand there are no tracks that expose you as a sports weather and on the other hand you remain anonymous to the bookmaker. Attention: the advantage of this anonymity brings at the same time the disadvantage that minimum standards and legal regulations can often be missing with these bookmakers. Here you have to be careful and always leave only the amount you want to bet with on your betting account - deposits and withdrawals are made in a matter of seconds without any fees. In addition, it is advisable to deposit only a small amount at the beginning and bet small amounts to test out the bookmaker once.

Meanwhile more and more classic bookies offer payments by means of crypto currencies. With these it is still necessary to create a betting account with the personal data and to pass an identity check before a payment is possible. Here, too, the new payment methods give you the advantage of missing fees and fast payment processing.

With which bookmakers can I deposit and bet with crypto currencies / Bitcoins?

Finally, we take a look at some Bitcoin betting providers. With which bookmakers can you already bet with Bitcoin and which providers have already put the focus fully on crypto currencies like Bitcoin?

  • The Online Bookie Bahigo guarantees the highest level of seriousness. You have to open an account as usual and you can choose Bitcoin as your payment method. The deposited Bitcoins will then immediately be exchanged for Euro (or your desired currency, e.g. CHF).
  • Here you can deposit as a registered customer with an incredibly large number of crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin,...) and additionally take a 100% 1xBet deposit bonus with you. Detailed information about the deposit bonus can be found in our bet bonus comparison.
  • At Netbet you can make your deposits with Bitcoin if you want. However, Neteller does not deposit directly but indirectly with Bitcoin. A registration with your personal data is necessary when opening an account.
  • TonyBet is one of the betting providers where you can also make your deposit with Bitcoin. Once you have registered, you can use Bitcoin for your deposit in addition to common methods such as credit card, Neteller or Skrill. A fee is not charged. However, if you deposit at TonyBet for the first time and want to claim the TonyBet bonus, you have to do without Bitcoin. Because TonyBet does not grant a welcome bonus on deposits made with Bitcoin.
  • If you like to deposit and bet with crypto currencies, then you should take a look at the online betting provider 22bet. Why? In addition to the usual payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, credit card or Sofortüberweisung, you can also find a variety of crypto payment methods here. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also deposit with Ehtereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Tron. Note: The Crypto-Coins are excluded from the 22bet bonus. If you want to take advantage of the new customer bonus, you must do without Bitcoin and Co. when you make your first deposit.
  • As a licensed bookmaker, Intertops also requires registration. Afterwards you can select the Bitcoin method via deposit and top up your betting credit with the popular crypto currency.
  • This bookie is one of the best-known Bitcoin betting providers. All you have to do when registering is enter your desired username, an e-mail address, your date of birth and a password. You can then make a deposit using Bitcoins, which you can also purchase directly from partners on the site. Also a deposit via Altcoins (Ethereum, Monero, Dash, etc. - and since May 2018 via credit card in € is possible. There is also a bonus in the form of a 5 mBTC bet without risk. Register now at!
  • Coinbet is a licensed Bitcoin bookmaker, where you get a 50% bonus for your Bitcoin deposit after registration. The site is available in several languages, although the translations of the German version cannot really be described as successful. The choice of bets and the odds are fine. Register now at Coinbet24!
  • At Melbet you are registered as an anonymous user with just one click and you can make your deposit using three different crypto currencies (as of January 2018). In addition to Bitcoin, you can also deposit via Litecoin or Dogecoin. In addition, Melbet also gives you the opportunity to deposit a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Register now with Melbet!
  • The North American Bookie 5dimes, which does its business full beyond the Pacific, is well known for its top odds. For players who like to deposit with crypto currencies, the fact that you can also deposit with Bitcoin on 5dimes is great. Register with 5dimes now!
  • 1× After opening an account at 1×2-bet you can deposit with Bitcoins and get a 100% deposit bonus. However, 1×2-bet is not a classic Bitcoin provider but, like Rivalo or Netbet for example, has a variety of popular deposit methods to choose from.
  • The betting provider Cloudbet went online in 2013 and exclusively uses Bitcoin as its payment method. Other payment options such as credit card, Skrill, Neteller or PayPal are not available here. The Cloudbet Bonus on your first deposit of 100% up to 5 Bitcoin (January 2018) is tempting. Register now with Cloudbet!
  • Another pioneer in the Bitcoin sports betting market. Nitrogen Sports has been active as an online bookie since 2012 and, like Cloudbet, relies exclusively on Bitcoin. The big advantage is that you can bet completely anonymously. It is not necessary to provide personal data. In addition to the usual sports such as football, basketball or tennis, you can also place bets at Nitrogen Sports on eSports. Register now with Nitrogen Sports!
  • The Bitcoin Bookie is an offshoot of the online betting provider and its "big brother" very similar. Say the menu guidance, the bet offer or the odds remind strongly of 1xbet. As a new customer you can secure 100% up to 1BTC welcome bonus on your first deposit at 1xbit (January 2018). You can find the exact sales conditions on the 1xbit website. For your first deposit in January 2018 you have a total of 17 different crypto currencies at your disposal, including well-known currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero and Ethereum Classic, but also newer coins such as NEM, Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold. Register now at!
  • Another gambling provider that relies exclusively on crypto currencies as its payment method is As of January 2018, the following methods will be available for your deposits: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. However, your account balance will not be displayed in BTC/mBTC or any other crypto currency, but in chips. One BTC equals exactly 1000 chips. This is a very important point, because the other available crypto currencies can be converted according to this principle. Register now at!

Conclusion on betting with Bitcoin and Co

In conclusion, Bitcoin and crypto currencies are a rather recent phenomenon. Although many experts predict that they will turn our financial life (positively) on its head, there are also many critics and skeptics on the subject.

You should in any case be aware that crypto currencies are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Even though the first online merchants now accept payments in Bitcoins, your money in a crypto currency is not always worth the same amount of Euros. You should therefore at least get a little involved before investing large sums of money in crypto currencies.

We also recommend that you keep track of the latest crypto currency news so that you can react quickly in the event of rapid price losses or government regulations on crypto currencies.